Build interactive web applications easily
with the power of Python’s data and scientific stack.


Create highly interactive visualizations, realtime dashboards, data explorers, model demos, sophisticated workflow apps, and anything else you can imagine—all in pure Python, no web development skills required.

Easy yet flexible

Shiny comes pre-packaged with many easy to use components as well as an elegant way to express interactive yet performant apps. Its foundations are also highly flexible and extensible, so your code can grow with your needs.


Shiny works with the Python data science packages you already use, like Pandas, NumPy, scikit-learn, and Polars. It’s designed to work integrate with popular visualization packages like Matplotlib, Seaborn, Plotnine, and Plotly. You can even embed live Jupyter widgets in your Shiny apps.

And any data source that’s available to Python is also available to Shiny, from the smallest SQLite file to the largest Snowflake data lake.

Production ready

Shiny for Python is built on top of the modern Python web stack, using Starlette and asyncio. You have lots of deployment options including our own cloud hosting, self-hosted server, or open source options, like Shiny Server or Hugging Face.