Effortless Python web applications

with the power of reactive programming.


Shiny uses a reactive execution engine to minimize rerendering of your application. Outputs are rendered on-demand and only when their upstream components change, which means that Shiny can support everything from the simplest dashboard to full-featured web apps.


Shiny eliminates the hassle of manual state management. Rather than requiring callback functions and state variables, Shiny automatically determines the best execution path for your app at runtime. This allows you to focus on delivering insights instead of troubleshooting execution issues.


Shiny is built atop the modern Python web stack, leveraging Starlette and asyncio for robust web applications. It offers full support for CSS and JavaScript customization, enabling rich, interactive user experiences.

Getting started with Shiny is easy:


pip install shiny


shiny create --template dashboard-tips


Use your data and make the layout your own.