New to the ShinyUiEditor: bslib Cards!

The latest version of {shinyuieditor} includes the new card component from {bslib}. In this post, we describe how you can use these cards and a new static-text component to easily organize your app’s content in a visually appealing way.

Nick Strayer


March 15, 2023

We’re thrilled to announce the latest version of ShinyUIEditor. The main feature of this new release is support for the new bslib::card() component. The new bslib cards provide an easy-to-use and attractive way to wrap related content in your app. In addition to the new cards, this release adds a “static text” component for adding simple descriptions or instructions to your app, fixes a number of bugs, and improves performance across the editor. A full list of changes is available on the editor’s website.

Before getting started

This release depends on you having the latest version of the gridlayout and bslib packages. Make sure those are up-to-date!


# Install dependencies using the remotes package


A card, holding a bar chart, expanding to a full screen view

Recently the bslib package added a card component that allows for the intuitive sizing of elements. These cards have powerful features like automatically growing their contents to fill the available space. This is especially useful for things like plots. Combined with an optional full-screen mode, it can make it super easy for users to dig into a specific view of your app without navigating to a different page or app. For more info, check out the blog post announcing cards.

Adding cards to your app

Getting started with cards is as simple as dragging the card element from the elements palette onto your app. You can place these cards directly on a grid layout, in a tab panel, or even inside another card.

Adding content to the card

Once the card is in the app you can drag new items into either the card header, body, or footer. For instance, we could drag a plot into the card. This plot will now intelligently size itself to take up all the space it can in the card:

Using the new static-text component to make informative headers/footers

Newly created cards have a (removable) header with a simple editable text label that uses a new static-text element in the editor. This static text node is not limited to the header, however. For instance, we can use it to add a footer message to our card telling the user about the cool technology used to create the app their viewing:

Full-screen mode

Another nice feature of the cards is the full-screen toggle. Just like in the bslib::card() component this allows us to expand the card to take up the full app’s screen. In the editor we can use this to zoom into our card for more fine-grained control of our contents.

Going forward

We believe the addition of bslib cards significantly enhances the ability to create sleek and modern user interfaces using the UI editor: ultimately making more engaging apps for your users. This isn’t the end of new UI components from bslib being added to the editor. Going forward, we will be adding the new modern UI components from bslib to the editor with the goal of making the UI editor the easiest and fastest way to make great-looking Shiny apps.