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The Hotshot Racing Dashboard!

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This dashboard is part of a very fun stack of open-source software created for the Official Wimpy’s World of Linux Gaming Most Official Unofficial Hotshot Racing League Spring Championship (WWOLGMOUHRLSC) competition that took place in early 2021. A group of friends from Martin Wimpress’ Wimpy’s World discord channel who just so happen to really enjoy racing games decided to have a little competition using the retro-style racing game called Hotshot Racing. On top of the immense fun we had, I thought it was a great time to collect our own real-time data for each race and summarize it all with the power of R and Shiny!

After the loading screen completes, the welcome page with high-level statistics are presented with widgets that would be right at home on any racing statistics site. But the part that will likely garner the most attention is the animated racing chart to show the progression of key statistics like total amount of points throughout the season! The remaining tabs contain interactive tables that dive deeper into the analytics of individual player statistics. Each of the players used the same randomly-selected car as a means to even out the playing field. Each car can have wildly different strengths (for instance, some cars can accelerate quickly but with low top speed, etc). Each of the tables allow you to drill down and get a preview of how factors like the in-game drivers, tracks, and more factored in the overall results.

This app was recognized with an honorable mention on the 2021 Shiny Contest.