fillRow(..., flex = 1, width = "100%", height = "100%")

fillCol(..., flex = 1, width = "100%", height = "100%")


... UI objects to put in each row/column cell; each argument will occupy a single cell. (To put multiple items in a single cell, you can use tagList or div to combine them.) Named arguments will be used as attributes on the div element that encapsulates the row/column.
flex Determines how space should be distributed to the cells. Can be a single value like 1 or 2 to evenly distribute the available space; or use a vector of numbers to specify the proportions. For example, flex = c(2, 3) would cause the space to be split 40%/60% between two cells. NA values will cause the corresponding cell to be sized according to its contents (without growing or shrinking).
width, height The total amount of width and height to use for the entire row/column. For the default height of "100%" to be effective, the parent must be fillPage, another fillRow/fillCol, or some other HTML element whose height is not determined by the height of its contents.


Creates row and column layouts with proportionally-sized cells, using the Flex Box layout model of CSS3. These can be nested to create arbitrary proportional-grid layouts. Warning: Flex Box is not well supported by Internet Explorer, so these functions should only be used where modern browsers can be assumed.


If you try to use fillRow and fillCol inside of other Shiny containers, such as sidebarLayout, navbarPage, or even tags$div, you will probably find that they will not appear. This is due to fillRow and fillCol defaulting to height="100%", which will only work inside of containers that have determined their own size (rather than shrinking to the size of their contents, as is usually the case in HTML).

To avoid this problem, you have two options:

  • only use fillRow/fillCol inside of fillPage, fillRow, or fillCol
  • provide an explicit height argument to fillRow/fillCol


# Only run this example in interactive R sessions. # NOTE: This example should be run with example(fillRow, ask = FALSE) to # avoid being prompted to hit Enter during plot rendering. if (interactive()) { ui <- fillPage(fillRow( plotOutput("plotLeft", height = "100%"), fillCol( plotOutput("plotTopRight", height = "100%"), plotOutput("plotBottomRight", height = "100%") ) )) server <- function(input, output, session) { output$plotLeft <- renderPlot(plot(cars)) output$plotTopRight <- renderPlot(plot(pressure)) output$plotBottomRight <- renderPlot(plot(AirPassengers)) } shinyApp(ui, server) }