Upgrade notes for Shiny 0.14.1

This is a maintenance release of Shiny, with some bug fixes and minor new features.

Full changelog

Minor new features and improvements

  • Restored file inputs are now copied on restore, so that the restored application can’t modify the bookmarked file. (#1370)

  • Added support for plot interaction in the development version of ggplot2, Also added support for ggplot2 plots with coord_flip() (in the development version of ggplot2). (hadley/ggplot2#1781, #1392)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed #1093 better: updateRadioButtons() and updateCheckboxGroupInput() were not working correctly if the choices were given as a numeric vector. This had been solved in #1291, but that introduced a different bug #1396 that this better fix avoids. (#1370)

  • Fixed #1368: If an app with a file input was bookmarked and restored, and then the restored app was bookmarked and restored (without uploading a new file), then it would fail to restore the file the second time. (#1370)

  • Fixed #1369: sliderInput() did not allow showing numbers without a thousands separator.

  • Fixed #1346 and #1107 : jQuery UI’s datepicker conflicted with the bootstrap-datepicker used by Shiny’s dateInput() and dateRangeInput(). (#1374)

Library updates

  • Updated to bootstrap-datepicker 1.6.4. (#1218, #1374)