htmlOutput(outputId, inline = FALSE, container = if (inline) span else div,

uiOutput(outputId, inline = FALSE, container = if (inline) span else div,


outputId output variable to read the value from
inline use an inline (span()) or block container (div()) for the output
container a function to generate an HTML element to contain the text
... Other arguments to pass to the container tag function. This is useful for providing additional classes for the tag.


An HTML output element that can be included in a panel


Render a reactive output variable as HTML within an application page. The text will be included within an HTML div tag, and is presumed to contain HTML content which should not be escaped.


uiOutput is intended to be used with renderUI on the server side. It is currently just an alias for htmlOutput.


<div id="summary" class="shiny-html-output"></div>
# Using a custom container and class tags$ul( htmlOutput("summary", container = tags$li, class = "custom-li-output") )
<ul> <li class="shiny-html-output custom-li-output" id="summary"></li> </ul>