installExprFunction(expr, name, eval.env = parent.frame(2), quoted = FALSE,
  assign.env = parent.frame(1), label = deparse([[1]]),
  wrappedWithLabel = TRUE, ..stacktraceon = FALSE)


expr A quoted or unquoted expression
name The name the function should be given
eval.env The desired environment for the function. Defaults to the calling environment two steps back.
quoted Is the expression quoted?
assign.env The environment in which the function should be assigned.
label A label for the object to be shown in the debugger. Defaults to the name of the calling function.
wrappedWithLabel, ..stacktraceon Advanced use only. For stack manipulation purposes; see stacktrace.


Installs an expression in the given environment as a function, and registers debug hooks so that breakpoints may be set in the function.


This function can replace exprToFunction as follows: we may use func <- exprToFunction(expr) if we do not want the debug hooks, or installExprFunction(expr, "func") if we do. Both approaches create a function named func in the current environment.

See also

Wraps exprToFunction; see that method's documentation for more documentation and examples.