markRenderFunction(uiFunc, renderFunc, outputArgs = list())


uiFunc A function that renders Shiny UI. Must take a single argument: an output ID.
renderFunc A function that is suitable for assigning to a Shiny output slot.
outputArgs A list of arguments to pass to the uiFunc. Render functions should include outputArgs = list() in their own parameter list, and pass through the value to markRenderFunction, to allow app authors to customize outputs. (Currently, this is only supported for dynamically generated UIs, such as those created by Shiny code snippets embedded in R Markdown documents).


The renderFunc function, with annotations.


Should be called by implementers of renderXXX functions in order to mark their return values as Shiny render functions, and to provide a hint to Shiny regarding what UI function is most commonly used with this type of render function. This can be used in R Markdown documents to create complete output widgets out of just the render function.