sidebarLayout(sidebarPanel, mainPanel, position = c("left", "right"),
  fluid = TRUE)


sidebarPanel The sidebarPanel containing input controls
mainPanel The mainPanel containing outputs
position The position of the sidebar relative to the main area ("left" or "right")
fluid TRUE to use fluid layout; FALSE to use fixed layout.


Create a layout with a sidebar and main area. The sidebar is displayed with a distinct background color and typically contains input controls. The main area occupies 2/3 of the horizontal width and typically contains outputs.


## Only run examples in interactive R sessions if (interactive()) { # Define UI ui <- fluidPage( # Application title titlePanel("Hello Shiny!"), sidebarLayout( # Sidebar with a slider input sidebarPanel( sliderInput("obs", "Number of observations:", min = 0, max = 1000, value = 500) ), # Show a plot of the generated distribution mainPanel( plotOutput("distPlot") ) ) ) # Server logic server <- function(input, output) { output$distPlot <- renderPlot({ hist(rnorm(input$obs)) }) } # Complete app with UI and server components shinyApp(ui, server) }