radioButtons(inputId, label, choices, selected = NULL)


inputId Input variable to assign the control's value to
label Display label for the control
choices List of values to select from (if elements of the list are named then that name rather than the value is displayed to the user)
selected The initially selected value (if not specified then defaults to the first value)

Create radio buttons


A set of radio buttons that can be added to a UI definition.


Create a set of radio buttons used to select an item from a list.


radioButtons("dist", "Distribution type:", c("Normal" = "norm", "Uniform" = "unif", "Log-normal" = "lnorm", "Exponential" = "exp"))
<div id="dist" class="control-group shiny-input-radiogroup"> <label class="control-label" for="dist">Distribution type:</label> <label class="radio"> <input type="radio" name="dist" id="dist1" value="norm" checked="checked"/> <span>Normal</span> </label> <label class="radio"> <input type="radio" name="dist" id="dist2" value="unif"/> <span>Uniform</span> </label> <label class="radio"> <input type="radio" name="dist" id="dist3" value="lnorm"/> <span>Log-normal</span> </label> <label class="radio"> <input type="radio" name="dist" id="dist4" value="exp"/> <span>Exponential</span> </label> </div>

See also

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