verbatimTextOutput(outputId, placeholder = FALSE)


outputId output variable to read the value from
placeholder if the output is empty or NULL, should an empty rectangle be displayed to serve as a placeholder? (does not affect behavior when the the output in nonempty)


A verbatim text output element that can be included in a panel


Render a reactive output variable as verbatim text within an application page. The text will be included within an HTML pre tag.


Text is HTML-escaped prior to rendering. This element is often used with the renderPrint function to preserve fixed-width formatting of printed objects.


## Only run this example in interactive R sessions if (interactive()) { shinyApp( ui = basicPage( textInput("txt", "Enter the text to display below:"), verbatimTextOutput("default"), verbatimTextOutput("placeholder", placeholder = TRUE) ), server = function(input, output) { output$default <- renderText({ input$txt }) output$placeholder <- renderText({ input$txt }) } ) }