Load an app's supporting R files — loadSupport

  appDir = NULL,
  renv = new.env(parent = globalenv()),
  globalrenv = globalenv()



The application directory. If appDir is NULL or not supplied, the nearest enclosing directory that is a Shiny app, starting with the current directory, is used.


The environmeny in which the files in the R/ directory should be evaluated.


The environment in which global.R should be evaluated. If NULL, global.R will not be evaluated at all.


Loads all of the supporting R files of a Shiny application. Specifically, this function loads any top-level supporting .R files in the R/ directory adjacent to the app.R/server.R/ui.R files.


Since Shiny 1.5.0, this function is called by default when running an application. If it causes problems, there are two ways to opt out. You can either place a file named _disable_autoload.R in your R/ directory, or set options(shiny.autoload.r=FALSE). If you set this option, it will affect any application that runs later in the same R session, potentially breaking it, so after running your application, you should unset option with options(shiny.autoload.r=NULL)

The files are sourced in alphabetical order (as determined by list.files). global.R is evaluated before the supporting R files in the R/ directory.