Convert a quosure to a function for a Shiny render function — quoToFunction

quoToFunction(q, label, ..stacktraceon = FALSE)



A quosure.


A label for the object to be shown in the debugger. Defaults to the name of the calling function.


Advanced use only. For stack manipulation purposes; see stacktrace().


This takes a quosure and label, and wraps them into a function that should be passed to createRenderFunction() or markRenderFunction().


This function was added in Shiny 1.6.0. Previously, it was recommended to use installExprFunction() or exprToFunction() in render functions, but now we recommend using quoToFunction(), because it does not require env and quoted arguments -- that information is captured by quosures provided by rlang.

See also

createRenderFunction() for example usage.