Upgrade notes for Shiny 1.6.0

This release focuses on improvements in three main areas:

  1. Better theming (and Bootstrap 4) support:
  1. Caching of reactive() and render*() (e.g. renderText(), renderTable(), etc) expressions.
  1. Various improvements to accessibility for screen-reader and keyboard users.

Full changelog

Breaking changes

  • Closed #3074: Shiny no longer supports file uploads for Internet Explorer 8 or 9. (#3075)

  • Subtle changes, and some soft-deprecations, have come to freezeReactiveValue and freezeReactiveVal (#3055). These functions have been fragile at best in previous releases (issues #1791, #2463, #2946). In this release, we’ve solved all the problems we know about with freezeReactiveValue(input, "x"), by 1) invalidating input$x and set it to NULL whenever we freeze, and 2) ensuring that, after a freeze, even if the effect of renderUI or updateXXXInput is to set input$x to the same value it already has, this will result in an invalidation (whereas by default, Shiny filters out such spurious assignments).

    Similar problems may exist when using freezeReactiveVal, and when using freezeReactiveValue with non-input reactive values objects. But support for those was added mostly for symmetry with freezeReactiveValue(input), and given the above issues, it’s not clear to us how you could have used these successfully in the past, or why you would even want to. For this release, we’re soft-deprecating both of those uses, but we’re more than willing to un-deprecate if it turns out people are using these; if that includes you, please join the conversation at https://github.com/rstudio/shiny/issues/3063. In the meantime, you can squelch the deprecation messages for these functions specifically, by setting options(shiny.deprecation.messages.freeze = FALSE).


  • Added bootstrap accessibility plugin under the hood to improve accessibility of shiny apps for screen-reader and keyboard users: the enhancements include better navigations for alert, tooltip, popover, modal dialog, dropdown, tab Panel, collapse, and carousel elements. (#2911)

  • Closed #2987: Improved accessibility of “live regions” – namely, *Output() bindings and update*Input(). (#3042)

  • Added appropriate labels to icon() element to provide screen-reader users with alternative descriptions for the fontawesome and glyphicon: aria-label is automatically applied based on the fontawesome name. For example, icon("calendar") will be announced as “calendar icon” to screen readers. “presentation” aria role has also been attached to icon() to remove redundant semantic info for screen readers. (#2917)

  • Closed #2929: Fixed keyboard accessibility for file picker button: keyboard users can now tab to focus on fileInput() widget. (#2937)

  • Fixed #2951: screen readers correctly announce labels and date formats for dateInput() and dateRangeInput() widgets. (#2978)

  • Closed #2847: selectInput() is reasonably accessible for screen readers even when selectize option is set to TRUE. To improve selectize.js accessibility, we have added selectize-plugin-a11y by default. (#2993)

  • Closed #612: Added alt argument to renderPlot() and renderCachedPlot() to specify descriptive texts for plotOutput() objects, which is essential for screen readers. By default, alt text is set to the static text, “Plot object,” but even dynamic text can be made with reactive function. (#3006, thanks @trafficonese and @leonawicz for the original PR and discussion via #2494)

  • Added semantic landmarks for mainPanel() and sidebarPanel() so that assistive technologies can recognize them as “main” and “complementary” region respectively. (#3009)

  • Closed #2844: Added lang argument to ui *Page() functions (e.g., fluidPage, bootstrapPage) that specifies document-level language within the app for the accessibility of screen readers and search-engine parsers. By default, it is set to empty string which is commonly recognized as a browser’s default locale. (#2920)

  • Improved accessibility for radioButtons() and checkboxGroupInput(): All options are now grouped together semantically for assistive technologies. (thanks @jooyoungseo, #3187).

Minor new features and improvements

  • Added support for Shiny Developer Mode. Developer Mode enables a number of options() to make a developer’s life easier, like enabling non-minified JS and printing messages about deprecated functions and options. See ?devmode() for more details. (#3174)

  • New reactiveConsole() makes it easier to interactively experiment with reactivity at the console (#2518).

  • When UI is specified as a function (e.g. ui <- function(req) { ... }), the response can now be an HTTP response as returned from the (newly exported) httpResponse() function. (#2970)

  • selectInput and selectizeInput now warn about performance implications when thousands of choices are used, and recommend server-side selectize be used instead. (#2959)

  • Closed #2980: addResourcePath() now allows paths with a leading . (thanks to @ColinFay). (#2981)

  • Closed #2972: runExample() now supports the shiny.port option (thanks to @ColinFay). (#2982)

  • Closed #2692: downloadButton() icon can now be changed via the icon parameter (thanks to @ColinFay). (#3010)

  • Closed #2984: improved documentation for renderCachedPlot() (thanks to @aalucaci). (#3016)

  • reactiveValuesToList() will save its reactlog label as reactiveValuesToList(<ID>) vs as.list(<ID>) (#3017)

  • Removed unused (and non-exported) cacheContext class.

  • testServer() can accept a single server function as input (#2965).

  • shinyOptions() now has session-level scoping, in addition to global and application-level scoping. (#3080)

  • runApp() now warns when running an application in an R package directory. (#3114)

  • Shiny now uses cache_mem from the cachem package, instead of memoryCache and diskCache. (#3118)

  • Closed #3140: Added support for ... argument in icon(). (#3143)

  • Closed #629: All update* functions now have a default value for session, and issue an informative warning if it is missing. (#3195, #3199)

  • Improved error messages when reading reactive values outside of a reactive domain (e.g., reactiveVal()()). (#3007)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed #1942: Calling runApp("app.R") no longer ignores options passed into shinyApp(). This makes it possible for Shiny apps to specify what port/host should be used by default. (#2969)

  • Fixed #3033: When a DiskCache was created with both max_n and max_size, too many items could get pruned when prune() was called. (#3034)

  • Fixed #2703: Fixed numerous issues with some combinations of min/value/max causing issues with date[Range]Input() and updateDate[Range]Input(). (#3038, #3201)

  • Fixed #2936: dateYMD was giving a warning when passed a vector of dates from dateInput which was greater than length 1. The length check was removed because it was not needed. (#3061)

  • Fixed #2266, #2688: radioButtons and updateRadioButtons now accept character(0) to indicate that none of the options should be selected (thanks to @ColinFay). (#3043)

  • Fixed a bug that textAreaInput() doesn’t work as expected for relative width (thanks to @shrektan). (#2049)

  • Fixed #2859: renderPlot() wasn’t correctly setting showtext::showtext_opts()’s dpi setting with the correct resolution on high resolution displays; which means, if the font was rendered by showtext, font sizes would look smaller than they should on such displays. (#2941)

  • Closed #2910, #2909, #1552: sliderInput() warns if the value is outside of min and max, and errors if value is NULL or NA. (#3194)

Library updates

  • Removed html5shiv and respond.js, which were used for IE 8 and IE 9 compatibility. (#2973)