Upgrade notes for Shiny 1.7.0

Full changelog

Breaking changes

  • The format and locale arguments to sliderInput() have been removed. They have been deprecated since (released on 2014-12-08).

  • Closed #3403: insertTab()’s position parameter now defaults to "after" instead of "before". This has the benefit of allowing us to fix a bug in positioning when target = NULL, but has the drawback of changing the default behavior when target is not NULL. (#3404)

New features and improvements

  • Bootstrap 5 support. (#3410 and rstudio/bslib#304)

    • As explained here, to opt-in to Bootstrap 5, provide bslib::bs_theme(version = 5) to a page layout function with a theme argument (e.g., fluidPage(), navbarPage(), etc).
  • Closed #3322, #3313, #1823, #3321, #3320, #1928, and #2310: Various improvements to navbarPage(), tabsetPanel(), tabPanel(), navbarMenu(), etc. Also, these functions are now powered by the bslib package’s new nav() API (consider using bslib’s API to create better looking and more fully featured navs). (#3388)

  • All uses of list(...) have been replaced with rlang::list2(...). This means that you can use trailing , without error and use rlang’s !!! operator to “splice” a list of argument values into .... We think this’ll be particularly useful for passing a list of tabPanel() to their consumers (i.e., tabsetPanel(), navbarPage(), etc). For example, tabs <- list(tabPanel("A", "a"), tabPanel("B", "b")); navbarPage(!!!tabs). (#3315 and #3328)

  • installExprFunction() and exprToFunction() are now able to handle quosures when quoted = TRUE. So render-functions which call these functions (such as with htmlwidgets) can now understand quosures. Users can also use rlang::inject() to unquote a quosure for evaluation. This also means that render function no longer need env and quoted parameters; that information can be embedded into a quosure which is then passed to the render function. Better documentation was added for how to create render functions. (#3472)

  • icon(lib="fontawesome") is now powered by the fontawesome package, which will make it easier to use the latest FA icons in the future (by updating the fontawesome package). (#3302)

  • Closed #3397: renderPlot() new uses ggplot2::get_alt_text() to inform an alt text default (for ggplot2 plots). (#3398)

  • modalDialog() gains support for size = "xl". (#3410)

  • Addressed #2521: Updated the list of TCP ports that will be rejected by default in runapp.R, adding 5060, 5061 and 6566. Added documentation describing the port range (3000:8000) and which ports are rejected. (#3456)

Other improvements

Bug fixes

Library updates

  • Closed #3286: Updated to Font-Awesome 5.15.2. (#3288)

  • Updated to jQuery 3.6.0. (#3311)