Runs the tests associated with this Shiny app — runTests

v1.7.4|Source: R/test.R


Sources the .R files in the top-level of tests/ much like R CMD check. These files are typically simple runners for tests nested in other directories under tests/.

runTests(appDir = ".", filter = NULL, assert = TRUE, envir = globalenv())



The base directory for the application.


If not NULL, only tests with file names matching this regular expression will be executed. Matching is performed on the file name including the extension.


Logical value which determines if an error should be thrown if any error is captured.


Parent testing environment in which to base the individual testing environments.


A data frame classed with the supplemental class "shiny_runtests". The data frame has the following columns:

filecharacter(1)File name of the runner script in tests/ that was sourced.
passlogical(1)Whether or not the runner script signaled an error when sourced.
resultany or NAThe return value of the runner


Historically, shinytest recommended placing tests at the top-level of the tests/ directory. This older folder structure is not supported by runTests. Please see shinyAppTemplate() for more details.