Create a sizing function that grows at a given ratio — sizeGrowthRatio

v1.7.4|Source: R/render-cached-plot.R


Returns a function which takes a two-element vector representing an input width and height, and returns a two-element vector of width and height. The possible widths are the base width times the growthRate to any integer power. For example, with a base width of 500 and growth rate of 1.25, the possible widths include 320, 400, 500, 625, 782, and so on, both smaller and larger. Sizes are rounded up to the next pixel. Heights are computed the same way as widths.

sizeGrowthRatio(width = 400, height = 400, growthRate = 1.2)


width, height

Base width and height.


Growth rate multiplier.

See also

This is to be used with renderCachedPlot().


f <- sizeGrowthRatio(500, 500, 1.25)
f(c(400, 400))
f(c(500, 500))
f(c(530, 550))
f(c(625, 700))