Append tag attributes — tagAppendAttributes

v1.7.4|Source: R/tags.R


Append (tagAppendAttributes()), check existence (tagHasAttribute()), and obtain the value (tagGetAttribute()) of HTML attribute(s).

tagAppendAttributes(tag, ..., .cssSelector = NULL)

tagHasAttribute(tag, attr)

tagGetAttribute(tag, attr)



a tag object.


a collection of attributes.


A character string containing a CSS selector for targeting particular (inner) tags of interest. At the moment, only a combination of type (e.g, div), class (e.g., .my-class), id (e.g., #myID), and universal (*) selectors within a given simple selector is supported. Note, if .cssSelector is used, the returned tags will have their $children fields flattened to a single list() via tagQuery().


The name of an attribute.

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html <- div(a())
tagAppendAttributes(html, class = "foo")
tagAppendAttributes(html, .cssSelector = "a", class = "bar")

tagHasAttribute(div(foo = "bar"), "foo")
tagGetAttribute(div(foo = "bar"), "foo")