Create a Bootstrap page — bootstrapPage

v1.8.1|Source: R/bootstrap.R


Create a Shiny UI page that loads the CSS and JavaScript for Bootstrap, and has no content in the page body (other than what you provide).

bootstrapPage(..., title = NULL, theme = NULL, lang = NULL)




The contents of the document body.


The browser window title (defaults to the host URL of the page)


One of the following:

  • NULL (the default), which implies a "stock" build of Bootstrap 3.

  • A bslib::bs_theme() object. This can be used to replace a stock build of Bootstrap 3 with a customized version of Bootstrap 3 or higher.

  • A character string pointing to an alternative Bootstrap stylesheet (normally a css file within the www directory, e.g. www/bootstrap.css).


ISO 639-1 language code for the HTML page, such as "en" or "ko". This will be used as the lang in the <html> tag, as in <html lang="en">. The default (NULL) results in an empty string.


A UI definition that can be passed to the shinyUI function.


This function is primarily intended for users who are proficient in HTML/CSS, and know how to lay out pages in Bootstrap. Most applications should use fluidPage() along with layout functions like fluidRow() and sidebarLayout().


The basicPage function is deprecated, you should use the fluidPage() function instead.

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