Viewer options — viewer

v1.8.1|Source: R/viewer.R


Use these functions to control where the gadget is displayed in RStudio (or other R environments that emulate RStudio's viewer pane/dialog APIs). If viewer APIs are not available in the current R environment, then the gadget will be displayed in the system's default web browser (see utils::browseURL()).

paneViewer(minHeight = NULL)

dialogViewer(dialogName, width = 600, height = 600)

browserViewer(browser = getOption("browser"))



The minimum height (in pixels) desired to show the gadget in the viewer pane. If a positive number, resize the pane if necessary to show at least that many pixels. If NULL, use the existing viewer pane size. If "maximize", use the maximum available vertical space.


The window title to display for the dialog.

width, height

The desired dialog width/height, in pixels.


See utils::browseURL().


A function that takes a single url parameter, suitable for passing as the viewer argument of runGadget().