Next Steps

You’ve built your first Shiny app… Now what? Here are some next steps.

Looking for next steps? We’ve got you covered. Here are resources to designed to help you learn whatever is next for you.

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An picture of the cover of Hadley Wickham's book, Mastering Shiny.


Mastering Shiny

By Hadley Wickham

A free, online book designed to take you from basic Shiny to creating your own customized apps.

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API Reference

Reference docs - Here you can find upgrade notes and function references for the latest, and previous, version(s) of the Shiny package.


Articles - See written tutorials ranging from beginner to intermediate, covering every step of the Shiny app development pipeline.

Shiny Videos

Shiny video series - Learn about recent releases and features, and hear from Shiny team folks as they create and explain projects ranging from a deep dive into their favorite package, to building interactive games with Shiny, and everything in between!