express.ui.input_selectize(id, label, choices, *, selected=None, multiple=False, width=None, remove_button=None, options=None)

Create a select list that can be used to choose a single or multiple items from a list of values.


id: str

An input id.

label: TagChild

An input label.

choices: SelectChoicesArg

Either a list of choices or a dictionary mapping choice values to labels. Note that if a dictionary is provided, the keys are used as the (input) values so that the dictionary values can hold HTML labels. A dictionary of dictionaries is also supported, and in that case, the top-level keys are treated as <optgroup> labels.

selected: Optional[str | list[str]] = None

The values that should be initially selected, if any.

multiple: bool = False

Is selection of multiple items allowed?

width: Optional[str] = None

The CSS width, e.g. ‘400px’, or ‘100%’

remove_button: Optional[bool] = None

Whether to add a remove button. This uses the clear_button and remove_button selectize plugins which can also be supplied as options. By default it will apply a remove button to multiple selections, but not single selections.

options: Optional[dict[str, Jsonifiable | JSEval]] = None

A dictionary of options. See the documentation of selectize.js for possible options. If you want to pass a JavaScript function, wrap the string in ui.JS.


Type Description
Tag A UI element.


Server value

If multiple=False, the server value is a string with the value of the selected item. If multiple=True, the server value is a tuple containing the values of the selected items. When multiple=True and nothing is selected, this value will be None.

See Also


#| standalone: true
#| components: [editor, viewer]
#| layout: vertical
#| viewerHeight: 400

## file:
from html import escape  # noqa: F401

from import input, render, ui

states = {
    "East Coast": {"NY": "New York", "NJ": "New Jersey", "CT": "Connecticut"},
    "West Coast": {"WA": "Washington", "OR": "Oregon", "CA": "California"},
    "Midwest": {"MN": "Minnesota", "WI": "Wisconsin", "IA": "Iowa"},

    "Choose a state:",

def value():
    return "You choose: " + str(input.state())

    "Selectize Options",
            "placeholder": "Enter text",
            "render": ui.js_eval(
                '{option: function(item, escape) {return "<div><strong>Select " + escape(item.label) + "</strong></div>";}}'
            "create": True,
    "Selectize plugins",
    options={"plugins": ["clear_button"]},