express.ui.input_text_area(id, label, value='', *, width=None, height=None, cols=None, rows=None, placeholder=None, resize=None, autoresize=False, autocomplete=None, spellcheck=None)

Create a textarea input control for entry of unstructured text values.


id: str

An input id.

label: TagChild

An input label.

value: str = ’’

Initial value.

width: Optional[str] = None

The CSS width, e.g., ‘400px’, or ‘100%’.

height: Optional[str] = None

The CSS height, e.g., ‘400px’, or ‘100%’.

cols: Optional[int] = None

Value of the visible character columns of the input, e.g., 80. This argument will only take effect if there is not a CSS width rule defined for this element; such a rule could come from the width argument of this function or from a containing page layout such as page_fluid.

rows: Optional[int] = None

The value of the visible character rows of the input, e.g., 6. If the height argument is specified, height will take precedence in the browser’s rendering.

placeholder: Optional[str] = None

A hint as to what can be entered into the control.

resize: Optional[Literal[‘none’, ‘both’, ‘horizontal’, ‘vertical’]] = None

Which directions the textarea box can be resized. Can be one of “both”, “none”, “vertical”, and “horizontal”. The default, None, will use the client browser’s default setting for resizing textareas.

autoresize: bool = False

If True, then the textarea will automatically resize the height to fit the input text.

autocomplete: Optional[str] = None

Whether to enable browser autocompletion of the text input (default is “off”). If None, then it will use the browser’s default behavior. Other possible values include “on”, “name”, “username”, and “email”. See Mozilla’s autocomplete documentation for more.

spellcheck: Optional[Literal[‘true’, ‘false’]] = None

Whether to enable browser spell checking of the text input (default is None). If None, then it will use the browser’s default behavior.


Type Description
Tag A UI element


Server value

A string containing the current text input. The default value is "" unless value is provided.

See Also


#| standalone: true
#| components: [editor, viewer]
#| layout: vertical
#| viewerHeight: 400

## file:
from import input, render, ui

    "Data summary\nwith\nmultiple\nlines",

def value_regular():
    return input.caption_regular()

    ui.markdown("Caption (w/ `autoresize=True`):"),
    "Data summary\nwith\nmultiple\nlines",

def value_autoresize():
    return input.caption_autoresize()