express.app_opts(static_assets=MISSING, debug=MISSING)

Set App-level options in Shiny Express

This function sets application-level options for Shiny Express. These options are the same as those from the shiny.App constructor.


static_assets: str | Path | Mapping[str, str | Path] | MISSING_TYPE = MISSING

Static files to be served by the app. If this is a string or Path object, it must be a directory, and it will be mounted at /. If this is a dictionary, each key is a mount point and each value is a file or directory to be served at that mount point. In Shiny Express, if there is a www subdirectory of the directory containing the app file, it will automatically be mounted at /, even without needing to set the option here.

debug: bool | MISSING_TYPE = MISSING

Whether to enable debug mode.