express.ui.value_box_theme(name=None, *, fg=None, bg=None)

Value box theme

A theme for a value_box. Themes provide a convenient way to use your app's Bootstrap theme colors as the foreground or background colors of the value box. For more control, you can create your own theme with value_box_theme where you can pass foreground and background value.

See rstudio/bslib#themes for more examples.


name: Optional[str] = None

The name of the theme, e.g. "primary", "danger", "purple". name can also be a Bootstrap-supported color: "blue", "purple", "pink", "red", "orange", "yellow", "green", "teal", and "cyan". These colors can be used with bg-NAME, text-NAME, and bg-gradient-NAME1-NAME2. If a name does not start with text- or bg-, it will be auto-prefixed with bg-.

fg: Optional[str] = None

The background and foreground colors for the theme.


Type Description
ValueBoxTheme A ValueBoxTheme

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