express.ui.navset_pill_list(id=None, selected=None, header=None, footer=None, well=True, widths=(4, 8))

Context manager for a set of nav items as a tabset inside a card container.

This function wraps navset_pill_list.


id: Optional[str] = None

If provided, will create an input value that holds the currently selected nav item.

selected: Optional[str] = None

Choose a particular nav item to select by default value (should match its value).

header: TagChild = None

UI to display above the selected content.

footer: TagChild = None

UI to display below the selected content.

well: bool = True

True to place a well (gray rounded rectangle) around the navigation list.

widths: tuple[int, int] = (4, 8)

Column widths of the navigation list and tabset content areas respectively.